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Lets chat Red lipstick, shall we? – 18/10/20

I firmly believe that a good red lipstick really can brighten your day and lift your mood when you wear it. It is a makeup piece that most women have in their makeup bags (although it may not get worn much) but usually comes out for a special occasion to help us feel extra special.

Above: MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Think of it like a little black dress that goes with everything, it’s great to mix and match and can be worn in a number of ways. A bold, true red is often worn with a crisp black eye liner for a 50’s vibe and just makes everyone look so glam. Team with bold prints, leopard print or polka spots for extra points!

A wash of red in an ultra modern, demi matte texture teamed with glowing skin and lashings of mascara always looks so cool. The less effort it looks like it took, the better! This look always reminds me of hanging out in Camden whilst visiting my brother and swooning over how cool all the girls looked on their way to see all the rock bands!

For a more editorial look, I always love pairing a stained red lip with a wash of colour on the eyes. For myself, I tend to gravitate towards a bright pink on the lids and a touch of red patted on to the lips using my ring finger. This type of look always makes me feel confident and it is a lot more wearable than it sounds!

A red lipstick can come in so many shades and I think that is what scares a lot of people when trying to buy one. There are a few tried and true ways to determine what shade of lipstick might suit you and this is my favourite;

If you are unsure of your skin tone, have a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear to be greenish in colour, you will typically have a warm skin tone. Warm skin tones look great in reds that contain coral, orange, gold, brown or copper in them.

If they appear more blueish in colour, you will typically have a cool skin tone. Cool skin tones look great in reds that contain pink, blue or plum in them, plus these shades are great at making your teeth appear brighter and whiter!

If they seem to have a mixture of green and blue you may be a neutral skin tone. A neutral skin tone can get away with most shades, it just depends on how brave you are feeling!

It is also really important to think about the depth of colour you choose for your lipstick. For example a lipstick that is quite light in colour and sheer in texture will look great on someone with fair skin and cool undertones but that same lipstick wouldn’t show up as much on someone with deep skin and golden undertones, they would need a richer shade with more depth to have the same impact.

We all can feel like popping on a bright lipstick can be scary and finding your perfect tone can be tricky, the best thing to do is to try some on when you are wearing either very little or more neutral makeup.

 I truly believe that the right lipstick will brighten your whole face and instantly make you feel happy. Most people will instantly know that they love a lipstick when they put it on.

Here is a list of my current favourite red lipsticks that I grab for time and time again:

Charlotte Tilbury – Hot lips Lipstick

Shade: Carina’s Love

Price: £25.00

It is a matte formula that is very comfortable on my lips. It is a medium toned, bright red.

MAC Cosmetics – Matte Lipstick

Shade:  Russian Red

Price: £17.50

This is a really great shade. It is blue toned and very intense when applied straight from the bullet. If you aren’t feeling quite so brave, why not try patting a little on with your ring finger and wearing it as a stain until you get used to it. It is a matte formula.!/shade/Russian_Red

Revlon – Super Lustrous Lipstick

Shade: Fire and Ice

Price: £7.49

This is such an iconic shade. Originally made in 1952, it is still a best seller. It has a creamy formulation, with orange/coral undertones.

Lisa Eldridge – True Velvet Lipstick

Shade: Velvet Ribbon

Price: £26.00

Lisa’s lipsticks have quickly gained a cult following. They come in wearable, modern shades and Velvet Ribbon is a must have. This formulation is gorgeous; matte but creamy and hydrating on the lips. It is a neutral/blue red and suits everyone!

NARS Cosmetics – Velvet Matte Lipstick

Shade: Dragon Girl

Price: £22.00

This velvet matte lipstick is like a chubby liner. It’s easy to apply, long lasting and is a vivid red. Great for all skin tones

Maybelline – Super Stay Matte Ink

Shade: Pioneer (20)

Price: £9.99 (currently 2 for £12 at Superdrug)

These liquid lipsticks are my favourite formula, long lasting but still hydrating. Never dry looking, with a great shade range they are well worth checking out. Pioneer is a classic, bright red and I love it!

Have you got a favourite Red lipstick? Let me know what it is!

Have a great week!

Clare x

New Eye Liners For Autumn – 11/10/20

The weather is getting chilly, the nights are drawing in and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. Here is a big hooray for Autumn!

I usually manage to get to July time before I start thinking about doing autumn makeup looks. However, as most of the glossy magazines are usually a month ahead (think ELLE, Marie Clare, Vogue) I always head to the beauty sections to discover the new trends that are filtering down to the consumers. Pinterest is also a great way to find fresh makeup trends you love and want to try for the new season.

There is no doubting that a subtle black winged liner teamed with a true red lip will always be a classic look for a lot of people, but why not use this time of year to switch things up a bit? With new releases now dropping constantly (all pointing towards the warmer autumn tones) now is a great time to think about trying a new autumnal shade on your eyes.

What colours am I talking about? Burgundy, plum, copper, burnt orange, bronze and warm toned browns. They all give a nod to the recent change in season and quite frankly, they just look beautiful on all complexions and eye colours. A new pencil eyeliner in a fresh colour can fit nicely into your makeup bag if you usually wear neutrals. A lot of the new formulations around are softer and more gel like, this is great as it gives you some play time if you want to soften and smudge but then once they are set, they stay put!

Here is a list of my current favourite autumn eye liner shades (all different price points, but all are fantastic):

Charlotte Tilbury – Eye Liner

Shade: Walk of No Shame

Price: £19.00

This a warm berry-russet shade that is smooth and long lasting.

Rimmel – Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

Shade: Deep wine

Price: £4.99

A beautiful burgundy shade that looks great with green eyes. For the price point, all the shades in this range are fantastic and are staples in my pro kit.

MAC – Eye kohl

Shade: Teddy

Price: £16.00

This is an gorgeous intense bronze shade that is great as an eyeliner or smudged on the eyelid as a base for a shimmering bronze smokey eye look.!/shade/Teddy

Urban Decay – Glide On Pencil

Shade: Lucky

Price: £16.00

A metallic burnt orange shade that is surprisingly wearable and great for when you fancy a change. This liner is vegan too, which is a huge plus.

Glossier – Colourslide Technogel Eye Pencil

Shade: Disaster Class

Price: £13.00

This is a deep red wine shade that makes me think about mulled wine, roast chestnuts and open log fires. Bliss!

This is a great product to use for any kind of eye look you want, plus i just love the minimalist approach to fresh makeup that Glossier has.

This liner is cruelty free.

Marc Jacobs – Highliner Gel Crayon

Shade: Sunset

Price: £21.00

Here we have a very warm toned, medium copper with a metallic finish.

These again, have great staying power and a super creamy.

That’s it, my favourite autumn liner shades!

Happy shopping!


My first ever blog post – 04/10/20

For those that don’t know me, let me take a minute to introduce myself…

My name is Clare and I’m a 44 year old professional makeup artist, working mainly in the wedding makeup industry. I’ve been freelance for almost 5 years, and have recently set myself the goal of writing a blog! So here is my first ever blog post…

I think we would all agree that Covid-19 has hit us all hard and a lot of people (like myself) are finding it increasingly hard to do what we love. After starting the New Year with the busiest wedding season for me to date, it all came crashing down. Weddings were sadly postponed until 2021 and I have patiently waited for the beauty and wedding industry to get up and running again.

I will be honest, it has been hard. Relying on creating makeup looks on myself for social media can be both time consuming and expensive (especially when you wash it straight off, so you can do another one before it gets dark!).

No matter who I do makeup on, I always make it my mission to understand their makeup needs. I ensure that I listen carefully to their requirements, and my goal is to make them look and feel amazing, whatever the occasion.

Likewise, when I post on social media (I post mainly on my Facebook business page and Instagram) I love to share a good mixture of work. I always ensure that all my tips are easy to follow and helpful to people that aren’t makeup obsessed like myself!

If you follow my Instagram page you will know I’m a little makeup magpie, collecting all of the products that twinkle and catch my eye! I simply love trying new products, new textures, new brands and recommending great products to my lovely followers.

So this brings me to what you can expect from my blog. I will be trying out and recommending products first and foremost. I will be giving an honest opinion and will let you know if I think they are worth parting with your hard earned cash for! I’ll also tell you the best way to apply them to get a pro finish, and I will be giving you tips to help makeup work for you.

Do you have a favourite mascara but it smudges all the time? No, problem, I have a product that will sort that.

Does your makeup always end up looking cakey and dry after lunch? I can help!

Do you fancy trying some false lashes, but don’t know where to start? I have favourites that I purchase again and again for both myself and my pro kit, so can advise.

Do you struggle with what brushes are best to use with particular products? I have tried a lot and have some great recommendations!

I would love it if you joined me on my makeup loving journey, but more importantly, I hope it helps someone fall in love with makeup.

I am super excited to get started!


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